How to get more flow in your dance?

People often tell me that my dancing feels like “flying” or that it looks very soft and fluid. And it might be true.

I have always tried to dance in a soft and fluid way, if the music tells me to. So, in this post I will tell you some of my top tips to get more flow in your dance.

Ok, so let’s get to it! How do you get more flow and dance more softly?

  • First of all – Your step – front of the foot first
    The way you step makes a huge difference. If you want to have flow and softness in your dance you need to step with the front of your foot first. Have you ever seen a trained, professional dancer stepping with the heel first? Someone who has danced ballet, jazz or contemporary? No, they are trained to step with the front of the foot first. Why? Because the front of the foot makes for a softer step. It gives you much more control – if you transfer the weight or not, how much you transfer, if you want to just touch and go back. When you step on the heel, you immediately transfer weight, and your step will not be as soft. As a follower, you will feel heavier, everything else equal. As a leader, you don’t need to worry about the transfer of weight. You know when it will happen. But your step will be and feel much softer if you step with the front of the foot first.
  • Second – The moves – what kind of moves do you do?
    The kind of moves you do as a leader makes a huge difference. Do you make moves that are together with your partner or counter-moves, that are in a different direction than your partner? When you move together with your partner it will look and feel a lot more connected – much more fluid and soft. You dance together, or maybe fly together! 😉
  • Third – Adapt to your partner
    Whatever moves you do when you dance, however you step, your dance will feel more soft and fluid if it is adapted to your partner. First of all, as a leader, you will have to adapt to your partner’s level. Both of you also have to adapt the size of steps, the timing of the step, the level of tension and so on. Everything needs to adapt just a bit to your partner. When you are better adapted to your partner, your dance will feel more soft and fluid, and you will move much more together. The connection will be better.

Do you have other tips for how to get more flow in your dance? Feel free to add your tips in the comments!

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Take care! Until next time! =)

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